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Stella Bianca

Stella Bianca

Stella Bianca is one of the most representative Italian companies in the dairy sector of Lombardia. Situated in the area of Lodi, only a few kilometers south of Milano, it sits in an area that is familiar for its agricultural traditions, and has been in business since 1978.

Today the Stella Bianca company rests on a 25000 sq.m. area.
It specializes in the production of dairy cheese: crescenza, stracchino, and cream cheese; all of them products that require the highest degree of attention at every stage of production and distribution. Fresh, healthy, and natural products, in order to satisfy the most exacting modern customer.
It is present on the market with the brands Stella Bianca, Petit Suisse, and with a line of organic farming products.

Heigh Quality Certified

Stella Bianca is in possession of quality management certifications, as of today a critical requirement in order to operate on the national and foreign market, and a fundamental element in upholding our high quality standards through time.