since 1978

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Fresh Cheese


Fresh Cheese made with 100% italian milk

latte italiano

Situated in the area of Lodi, Stella Bianca is a business specializing in the production of stracchino, robiola, caprino, and fresh cream cheese, using only 100% Italian milk.


Softer, creamier, the Stella Bianca gastronomy selection provides you with a top quality delicacy, made with fermented Italian dairy milk.

Cream Cheese

Its softness and delicate taste make it a perfect treat au naturel, whether spread on bread or as an ingredient for your sweet or savory recipes.


Creamy spreadable cheese with a fresh taste, delicate and slightly sour; exclusively produced with high quality, 100% Italian milk.


Spreadable dairy cheese made with cow's milk, preservative-free, still made according to the ancient dairy recipe, but sweeter and more velvety.

Dairy Cheese

Fresh, soft, and creamy, melting in your mouth; this is the Stella Bianca dairy cheese, exclusively made with high quality Italian fresh milk, preservative-free.


Our product line suitable for vegan diets, made with rice-based products, lactose-free, gluten-free, preservative-free.
  • Bioagri
  • BRC food certified
  • IFS certified

Dairy cheese for industrial supplying

Stella Bianca is able to supply large quantities meant for mass catering and industries
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